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Stormwater Drainage in Baldivis and surrounding suburbs


At Minpex we service both the commercial and residential sectors.

We largely service:

  • Plumbers who are the main contractor to large works
  • Earthworkers in construction of road and car park drainage
  • Residential builders and owner-builders of houses requiring soakwells and drains

We also have a selection of equipment available for hire:

  • Excavators
  • Bobcats
  • Trucks
  • Compactors
  • Rock Breakers
  • Loaders


Sewer Installation
Sewer installation needs to be done by a professional plumber. The team at Minpex has all the knowledge and expertise to ensure your sewer installation is done with precision and to regulatory standards. Call us today to take care of all your sewer installation needs!

Stormwater Drainage
Stormwater drainage installation by an expert reduces the effects of a bad storm on property damage. The team at Minpex has widespread skills in this area and we are experienced in dealing with land of all sizes and shapes. Call us today to take care of all your storm water installation needs!

Soakwells need to be installed correctly to assist in the prevention of property flooding after a bad storm or any sort of overspill. The team at Minpex is highly skillful at implementing soakwells with accuracy and caution. Call us today to take care of all your soakwells needs!


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